Thursday, 16 July 2015

Jowy shenanigans 16/7/15

Back with more concept art for the jowyverse 

These are two speed paintings for the world of Cradle Earth and Sky Root City each represents a different time period and theme. 

Cradle Earth
A mysterious steampunk world that is unaffected by the influence of the modern era stuck in a more simpler time,. It is home to a massive population of punks who cause a lot of chaos for the rest of the nation.

It is spilt in too three massive land masses connected by the pillar that keeps the world together. Only way up to another level is by a special evaluator train that only few can afford to travel on.
The sky is blocked by giant paintings depicting the creation of the earth by the gods. Legend has it that at the top of the world is the gates to the worlds heart and the heavens.
Inspiration Steam Boy, pre raphaelite and renaissance art.
Sky Roots City is 
a modern high tech green city that is suspended above the sprawling urban metropolis below. Due to the multiple elevators and roads you have to take to get to the city centre It is a drivers worst nightmare.
Inspiration Japanese cities and culture, Mirrors edge.

below is the WIP and initial sketches I have on the two worlds. 

time taken for painting 6 hours

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Jowy shenanigans 12/7/15

Sketched this on my tablet after listening to Weens Mourning Glory. its certainly for me one of their best noise songs even if it makes no sense. 

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Jowyverse map 2/7/15

 A while ago I came across an old world map I had created for my OC characters 

.And since I have continually expanded on the universe I wanted to do an updated version of it this year.=d it is rather big. 

The world of Jowy takes place in a universe where different worlds have literary been stitched together by The Sewing Valley, the first civilisation to exist . because of this the planet is a juxtaposition of the weird, wonderful, ugly and corrupted. Each nation plays an essential role in maintaining the life of the world, everything from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat keep the sustainability of the planet in check.

Below are the names of the major regions and a bit of backstory and the strange Inspirations for them (some will be very specific). 
Its worth mentioning that some of the names of these areas will change over time  they are just here to give the areas an identity for me to remember. 

enjoy. ;) 


The second largest capital in the world next to Juxtapolis. It is a melting pot of every culture from across the globe and is home to Jowybean and his many friends.
Inspiration: european American cities, old 1930s cartoons 

Waste Coast  
Despite the bad pun this is the most polluted industrialised place in the world, so much so that even the official language is pollution. 
inspiration: Industrial complexes, ghettos.  


This is a popular holiday resort with tourists who love some good water sport. 

Inspiration: Geek city of Santorini/Apotos from Sonic Unleashed.

Musical Strip  
Although it usually is referred to as a gateway to the Playland Kingdom there is always the sound of music ;^^ playing within the borders of this region.
Inspiration Band land from Rayman 1, classical music.

a massive forest home to the worlds tallest trees and the oldest monasteries that archive the history of the universe through stunning stain glass windows.
Inspiration redwoods in California , ending of Disney’s Fantasia.

Flat Plains 
A vast open area of nothing but fields that grow a variety of things including computer code.
Inspiration: the wide open countryside. My ongoing comic project

Ghastly County  

A dark swamp infested land that could be considered a redneck / cajan paradise with the occasional appearance of the supernatural. 

Inspiration: New Orleans, Bayous, canal badges,Voodoo Vince, Grim Fandango.

Taiyo (Sun) Country 

the equivalent of japan with a hint of good old England in the old city of Kappa Bridge.
Inspiration: Almost every visual element of japan and its wonderful world of anime I have seen online.


Don’t go here unless you want to get burned alive by its infamous river of Lava Jam or get eaten in the Grill jungle by creatures that are abominations of junk food.
Inspiration: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava from Rayman 2.

Produce Country 

This land has a lot of free food and fairies.
Inspiration: plastic toys I used to have of fruit and vegetables,Water pipes.  
Dead and Breakfast Desert 
This land was once a prosperous place where breakfast was created to wake the world up early in the morning. But once the produce country appeared and provided more healthier opportunities for the nations. the growth of the region died and it became salty yet buttery wasteland with the Toast kingdom been the last remains of its former glory.
Inspiration Ancient Egypt, Knaaren from Rayman 3

Cradle earth 

A mysterious steampunk world that is unaffected by the influence of the modern era stuck in a more simpler time,. It is home to a massive population of punks who cause a lot of unrest for the rest of the nation.
Inspiration Steam Boy, pre raphaelite and renaissance art.

Lost Lands 
It once was the most random crazy land on the face of the planet. That all changed once the influence from the waste coast (chemical Coast) spread across the land and caused Wacky Land to be abandoned. Left to decay forever frozen in a time of utter silliness.
Inspiration: Epic Micky Tubelectric from Jazz jackrabbit 2
The Second oldest Empire that is home to a population of mostly pandas who have been fighting a decade long war against the sinister snow people who hide away in the Spire mountains. This is the coldest climate in the world as it snows there frequently.
Inspiration: Sonic SatAm,Sly Cooper, east asian culture, snow men.

This nation is known mostly for its giant desert that forms colourful patterns in the sand.

while retaining a lot of its traditional heritage It is rather advanced in technology and robotics. 
Inspiration: culture of the middle east. pattern designs (Arabic or not).


the capital of the world, given its name because everything associated with the known universe exists in this crowded mess of a metropolis.
It is very hard to navigate with out a map but you can at least see the towering city if you stand on the Flat Plains.
Inspiration: the description gives it a way.

Playland Kingdom 
The carefree haven for all toys and PG entrainment related things, never a dull moment in this place.
Noddy, Toy Story. Wish land From The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

The Iron Metal Kingdom 
The complete opposite to Playland it is a country that is made out of nothing but machines. embracing crime gambling and drugs. it even has a big biker gang culture who tend to love creating havoc for the neighbouring kingdoms.
Inspiration: Brutal Legend, General Fear of guns and drugs. This place incorporates all my deepest fears.  
Sewing Valley 
The Sewing Valley is an ancient amazon inspired civilisation that essentially lives peacefully and monitors the massive threads that keep the planet together. The entire kingdom is made of every type of fabric. And because of this it is the place where clothes are produced.
Inspiration: Fabrics, fantasy art. amazon tribes

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