Monday, 29 September 2014

Middle East 2050

Hello everyone here is the finished illustrations for the Middle East 2050 project I was teasing about in blog posts.

The aim of this month long project was to create a series of 4 concept art illustrations that show cased a sci fi futuristic Middle East using different inside and outdoor scenarios from a positive angle rather then a political/war view. I choose this part of the world so I could challenge my limited knowledge of the culture and how effectivity I can incorporate elements of sci fi while still retaining the feeling of the regions in the Middle East like Oman Iran and Qatar. 

This project used a lot of different digital painting techniques, including photo manipulation to achieve a better idea of realism (example being the cityscape). I even went as far as writing in Arabic to make it more authentic.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Jowy shenanigans 23/9/14

Been working on more of my own characters in the last two weeks  heres some new info and bios about some of them i plan on uploading more of my own world to the blog from now on.
One day I hope to turn my universe in to a comic 

(His designed to be like Kandea and his bike gang from the Akira Manga and anime)

I see him as the proper rebel who takes no crap from any one and tends to end up in conflicts with gangs outside the school grounds. He has a bike but its steam punk inspired.


represents the future and me in a very cartoony form, mind you I do not have a mutated hand. 

Doubles and Doubles 

Twin Sisters that are different in personality. Double who is at top and older is reasonable and argumentative. Doubles who is at the bottom is carefree and a total airhead as you could imagine been stuck together makes their daily lives very challenging. 

I first came up with these girls back in 2008 but its only been in the last two years have i redesigned them to fit in to my crazy juxtaposed animated universe .
I would say they are inspired by the magical girl genre.

Scales and Clipper
Scales has the power of the ocean at her command. She is very bubbly and juvenile in personality but she's a tough fighter. She owns a little pet crab she treasures called Clipper. Clipper is not very useful to the team but his very adorable and loyal to his owner. She forever clashes with her sister Jenny Frost. 

Jenny Frost.
Sister to scales Jenny is the opposite to her sibling in every way manipulative, sly and rude. Frosts power is ice and snow she is able to build huge defences and create snow monsters during battles (a bit like Elsa from Frozen) . Despite her helpful abilities she enjoys causing chaos and tormenting her younger sister. 

Sketch of two of my most comical and evil villains 

Dr Lampshade 

Do not be fooled by his Jabba the Hut weight this man is not only an evil genius with an army of evil robotic lights he wants to use to (no surprise here) take over the world. His also a southern gentlemen who will break your back if you get on his wrong side.

Music Man (ironic as his a jelly bean)

Once a world renowned composer he wanted his music to standout from everyone else so he began experimenting with it until he became mad with power and magic, he started using his work for evil. Now he practises dark magic and is able to take any piece of music and transform it in to something much more dangerous and sinister.

The two villains rent a run down abandoned mansion in the middle of a massive Swamp near the bayou city of Bog a few miles south of Ramausville. In this place They plot their diabolical designs and yell at each other for not closing doors or buying the correct food from the store. The mansion is spit in too two sections for each character. Lampshades is filled with mountains of lights and candles while Music Mans side is covered in the remains of his musical experiments and disasters.

Attempting to create some really good backgrounds for  the city of Ramsusville where my characters live. 

A new character in development.  

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Jowy shenanigans 21/9/14 sexy time

I never usually do sexy girls in bikinis  that often because i feel there is a lot more fun designing characters with a twist. But when i do feel the urge to do it i tend to try and put them in interesting settings that give them a little more character then just the sex appeal. :)

initial sketching 

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jowy shenanigans 18/9/14

thumbnail previews of a small section for the final pieces i am painting for the Middle East 2050 project  that i am looking forward to revealing soon.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Jowy shenanigans 16/9/14

new character ideas and a whole new concept to play with The Monkey Mafia. 

So far I have come up with two characters who are the only humans in the gang, They are siblings ,personal body guards of the don and hired assassins that have no remorse for their actions. Peel is the cocky one liner older brother of Splits who is more cunning and strong always plotting the families next move.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Jowy shenanigans 14/9/14

Today I was listening to one of my favoiute Listener songs called Train song. 

This song evokes a lot of powerful imagery For me its The clash between the homeless and the struggling.

The Sketch above is for a possible digital painting I may do in the future that juxtaposes elements of the song with my imaginative world. The homeless mans head is supposed to be in the shape of what I assume is a medical illustration of an ear on the front cover of the Listener album "Whisper Moon". 

The three characters in the background are based on animations from a documentary about abused homeless/ kids but I can not remember the name of it otherwise I would have linked to the cartoons. 

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