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Monday, 10 March 2014

Much needed Jowy Shenanigans update 10/3/14

Now I feel is a good time as any to tell you the current situation Jowybean is in.

Bad news: first is last week I left my full time illustration job that i had briefly mentioned in my last post. But it was not because of malicious reasons or that there had been any complaints made about me it was just that the work I was producing was not playing to my visual strengths or what the company were ideally after and the time I was taking on the projects was slowing down their schedule. they were extremely nice human beings and the boss did give me some contacts to get in touch with to find a better job closer to my dream job as a storyboard character/background and concept artist for the creative industry. I will not lie in saying that I am a little sad it ended so quickly (the pay was unbelievably good) I assumed I was going to be there for a good year or so but this is the brutal world of business I live in nobody has time to slow down.

So here I am monday and back to square one hunting for a new job and hoping to find one really soon. I already have contacted some old industry friends of mine for guidance.

Good news is with this free time I can get back on track with all the abandoned projects I put on hold like the MLP title cards and the ambitious graphic novel
Other important things to know regarding cons and stuff for the rest of the year

Sadly due to time and job hunting American pony cons look to be less likely this year. :doh:
On the other hoof BUCK 2014 you can bet your sweet flank I will be going there :headbang: :nod: vendoring .With a whole lot of new prints postcards and lots of exclusives that you will not want to miss trust me there going to be big. ;)

the other trip I would love to do is to take a trip to Japan with the travel agency I am eager to go on their manga tour in august the trip would all be focused around the areas pop culture and anime of the nation. I so dearly love Japan =D :love: and will move there at some point in the future its a big long term goal of mine ^^;. I have become a bit of an Otaku over the last month and half watching a lot of different anime and documentaries on its history.

As I type this I have two cute Lucky Star figures of Kiagmi and Tsukasa In their winter uniforms sitting on my desk  so I am in the zone as it were with japan Plus I really enjoy the simplicity and fun of Lucky Star.

Now taking in account this trip is going to be 8 days before Buck I would be asking a lot of myself and my body to travel that far and back :faint:. but I feel its something I want to achieve this year getting to japan. though now i think about it america would be much cheaper.
Just have too see but BUCK 2014 is a EEYEP :woohoo:

what does the future hold for the blog well for now i am going to continue to upload illustration Friday pieces on here and once i start working on i will be posting WIP and information on here.

if you want too see my really rough sketches my tumblr is the best place for that. i don,t really have a clear idea what i want to do with my blog. it been very much an experiment 
I am in the process of creating an online Jowybean website to expose my art to more people and future clients online. that should be up in the next two months 
Until next post Laters 

Links to Jowybeans other profiles
DA: (main hub for everything jowybean)
Livestream (i will do some more in the near future or sooner) 
Balance (needs updating really badly)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Illustration Friday Prehistoric submission 14/2/14

Wow i have not done any Illustration Friday pieces in a while. But starting this week i want to make it a regular thing no matter what the quality is. for the time being Its more about the visual ideas i imagine from the words rather then creating stunning finished illustrations. 

not enough time 
This weeks theme was ...prehistoric
until next post and update Laters  :)

Initial character sketches  

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Great News for Jowybean 19/1/14

Hello all a lot has happened this month alone.

Today as i post this will be my Last day of proper freedom for a while because i have got a brand new full time job. 

I had to leave my current job as a graphic designer at this small graphics and signage company because i found out about this great opportunity to work for a silverware company that have been looking to employ an illustrator/art worker to help them create presentations for clients and create illustrations for the range of objects they make. I went for a chat /interview last Monday and my enthusiastic response to their company and desire to get a real job rather then stay online doing my brony commissions. Helped convince them i was the best person for the role.

I had a nice send off from my old boss on Tuesday with chocolates and a mlp toy wishing me luck in this new job i am about to start tomorrow morning at 8-5. Much longer hours and less breaks then the other job but that’s a sacrifice i am happy to make. I can still attend my annual brony meetups on Friday night so i am not losing out on my social life either. 

Naturally i am little nervous about the job hoping it does not get boring or stressful. But from what i saw from Mondays visit its  going to be very engaging and creative, cannot wait.

Content may be sparse on the blog for a while i will try and make updating the blog a regular thing so the hiatus between posts is not huge.

you can check out my DA where i submit a lot more stuff

 Right now I will enjoy the freedom I have for the rest of today

Until next Post LATERS ;)


Sunday, 5 January 2014

A whole lot of Jowybeans World to start 014 off 5/1/14

Starting off the new year with some updated art and concepts for my own characters and the world they live in

i had a very relaxing Christmas got plenty of great graphic novels to read and lots of new art materials i can practice as well not as many commissions but it was the holiday season anyway.

 One of the things I asked from Santa this year was brand new marker pens of different makes like letraset and Primsa .
Only recently I have been using my older marker pens (I have had for years ^^;) in some of my illustrations and would like to continually use traditional media like this to give me much more Variety in the future of my work and freelance business.
Boxing Day I decided to experiment with these new pens looking at tone and merging colours together.

 There’s plenty room for improvements in the markers finish and mark making but it’s a good start.

How I love when my Internet connection goes out without any warning so I cannot post on time when I want to. 

Before I rant on about my snail paced Internet let me first explain about this little speed painting
Essentially 2013 was the year where I started to explore my own world and characters again, even in a web… . I mostly did sketches and character sheets. But this year I eagerly want to create some actual colored pieces finished preferably to showcase my world in all its beauty and strangeness. 

 This is a Vista idea overlooking the downtown area  from the south for one of the major cities in jowybeans Universe (and where Jowy lives) Ramsusville 
 The structure to the left of the scene is the Central Transport Station where you can get the cities underground, bus, plane, or dragon to work. Lol 
 Visually the city will be uh …… lets say it will be based off a lot of real life cities architecturally I love like Tokyo , New York, Chicago, Birmingham UK (my city), London, Quebec, Paris, Cairo, Ronda, almost any where in the world there will be a section of Ramsusville dedicated to it. Because Architecture is a big influence in the way I design my environments. 
oh Did I mention there would be a giant bath on top of a mountain for giants to bathe in as a tourist attraction. And an entire town based on the black and white era of animation and cinema called Little Nicky. And that’s not the weirder part I will save that for much later on. 

The best and easiest way to describe the concept for Super Cream Pie Robot Space Pirate Guy is if you mashed up Darkwing Duck, Freakazoid, Hong Kong Phooey and Otaku animes in to one crazy cartoon. :? I know makes no sense but get used to that when you step in to my world there’s never any rhythm or reason just silly fun and strangeness . :crazy:

 I imagine my world being like a Tiny Toons and the Animaniacs cartoon where there is a huge cast of interesting characters who all exist in the same universe/environment but have their own separate stories and adventures but will clash with each other eventually. ;)

I drew most of these characters last year and gave them names so this is a redesign of that but there are some new additions to the team so lets get started. 
 Super Cream Pie Robot Space Pirate Guy (SCP)

SCP was born with his brain backwards so his mindset and personality are competently cookcoo (his Father was actually a space pirate and robot so there is a relation to his attire). Now as an adult he is a wannabe superhero of some sorts living a double life of luxury in ramsusville as the CEO of a successful spoons company. His special weapons are custard pies and bazooka yoyos. He wears under wear under his nappy because he has some ounce of dignity left. 


Eugene is a rhino/raccoon hybrid and SCPS lifelong pet and assistant. As you could imagine his very smart but communicates by signs (A humorous reference to the panda in Ranma ½) he tends to get his master out of trouble as well (Hong Kong Phooey style) =D 

Prince Odd Ball

Prince Oddball is SCPs half brother and friend who is a coward at the best of times. His powers are creating clockwork monkeys that drop bouncy bombs. 
Scales and Jenny Frost

Scales and Jenny: are two sisters and gifted elemental magical girls. Scales is very bubbly and the embodiment of cute. She can use her powers to summon ocean creatures and bring entire waves out of nowhere. Jenny is the polar opposite she’s rude mischievous and cause chaos when she feels like it by creating ice monsters and glaciers. The sisters tend to clash with each other at school and home and SCP has full responsibility of them as their uncle. 
Oh yeah This is the sort of art i have always wanted to show my OCs in but its always being about patience and time with me. But yesterday i said NO i want to have something finished or half decent to show my characters in their best light after 5 hours this is the result i came out with

Marvin and R.A.T 

Marvin (the rabbit with the antlers) is a part of the jowyverses equivalent of the FBI and works alongside SCP and other heroes to stop the onslaught of crime and terror in ransusville and beyond. His a technical wizard having built his own robot and pet R.A.T (Rapid. Assault, Terminator) that assists him in his secret missions. He doubles as a yoda type character training wannabe hero’s for battles. Melvin and R.A.T have a strong Friendship that keeps them together even in the direst of situations.

Oh and that pie man in the background well you remember inspector Gadgets boss well his that character XD. :rofl:
The Toast kingdom is a fairly new idea I came up with last year.
Its Inspired by the ancient Egyptians and knaaren from Rayman 3 :hug:.
Queen Maple (her name for now) is the powerful monarch and dictator of the ancient that make the worlds toast as part of their economy .No surprise she is a villain of SCP as her plans are always foiled by him (or his friends at least). On top of her cruel rule she is madly in love with the king and listens to his advice even if he is just an
old jam jar. 

We return to the Jowyverse once again with a coloured sketch of jowy and my three other main characters Max bean Hoilnder Sammy wolf and Line (Jowys pet). Walking back from their school thats built on a giant hill in the shape of well.... a left hand hence the pun in the school sign :roll:

I have very little story of right now :( but i will be working on that during free time from commissions. B-)
I started drawing some of these characters again at the start of the year and then decided to redesign them and their zany nation this week, Its appropriately called Play. Its split in to two different kingdoms the PlayLand Kingdom, A fun happy carefree haven for toys, fashion, food and music ruled over by the kind and brave Princess Larry Anne and her faithful friends and bodyguards Roy and Kiwi. The Iron Lands are a stake contrast as Its a hub for pollution crime evil robots and savage motorbike gangs ruled by the malicious scheming King Gunbody of guntopia.
General Grouch is one of the generals of the PL army as well as being a royal advisor to Princess L.A.

Until next Post LATERS people and good luck with 2014 its going to be BIG ;)

Saturday, 21 December 2013

2014 Plans and updates its Jowy Shenanigans for the 21/12/13

Christmas Is approaching ever faster guys: faint: and I tend to slow down a little to take it nice and easy before I get back in too my busy routine.  Last weekends journal was pointless if I am honest but enough about the past lets look forward to the future

Biggest Update of this month I have finished my job for the holidays. The boss has been very pleasant to work with and the skills I have gained in indesign and illustrator give my business more leeway in future work.. I am going to research In to other creative job or opportunity so when I have to leave the job I have another place to go
Its not going to be a cake walk and does mean spending a few hours looking online for paid work over the break but I am willing to sacrifice some of my much earned free time in order to achieve this goal and be generally more happy about professional working environments. 

There’s going to be a lot of planning before the New Year kicks in as well

The biggest things I want to aim for next year is to go to two or at least one of the big brony conventions in the U.S. EVERFREE OR BRONYCON (maybe even get to vendor there which would be awesome).

Other big goals on my list include expanding the jowbean brand with joining sites like WLF welovefine and working for IDW as I did do a comic cover that appeared in the art galley special of MLP two months ago. 

On top of this I want to return to my own projects that I have put on hiatus since BUCKcon this year. One being the ambitious graphic novel that my dads writing called and my Jowy web comic that is in collab with a friend not on DA. this means that this blog will get used much more next year if i keep to my word.

I am aiming very high for 2014 folks but I believe that with my unique diverse talent anything is possible now, even animation. Got to keep going up not down.

 have a very Merry Christmas and happy awesome new year

heres an amazing musical artist who,s getting me in to the festive mood =D


u only had one

Saturday, 14 December 2013

I am still here just over on tumblr and DA short update 14/12/13

Its been a good week and a half since I last update on this blog which I apologise for but I recently discovered the fun of tumblr and being uploading a lot of my roughs and sketches to there as a sort of archive for my ideas pony and non pony related of Crouse.
I am still in my graphic design job, which has become a little bit more enjoyably but come New Year or before then I am looking for a better-paid creative job
 I should be thankful to the director at the company  for keeping me on for this long but for the long-term of jowybean as a business I need to find a better-secured position if I want to aim higher.

I still have a lot of commissions on my DA to crack on with.

Christmas Is approaching ever faster and I tend to slow down a little to take it nice and easy before I get back in too my busy routine again. That’s why there’s been no Illustration Friday or sketch dumps on here for this month because I am getting used to tumblr and I want to be a lazy man.

That’s why I am ending this post now before I yap on and end typing for another hour or something

checkout my sketch tumblr

If there’s not another post before Christmas I wish you all a merry Christmas and a cheer to an awesome new year which I have a feeling next year for Jowy will be awesome ....I CAN FEEL IT.