Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Jowybean shenanigans 24/11/15

I have had a lot of commission and potential paid work come up since last week so updates to the blog may slow down because of this. But anyway here is a taster of something I am personally working on for my family this christmas. :) 

as a fan of old animation  I have always had the dream of recreating the real world in to 
slice of life Don Bluth/Disney inspired screen shots. :) 

heres two failed attempts from a few years back in 2008 I think. 

I am planning to give each member of my family their own personal screen shot As a sign of thanks for all the years they have put up with me and my work. 

its not going to be easy to pull off but its an ambition of mine I would like to make a reality before the end of year, maybe even make it a new form of caricaturing for 2016. 


After been 2Ded 

WIP of  two of the screenshot ideas for my parents. 

until next post laters.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Jowy shenanigans 12/11/15

Jowyverse update this time its another part of my world.. 

Little Nicky


Little Nicky ,which is named after the original mayor. Was once a thriving town with the worlds biggest film studio called Nicky inc. It became so famous that it was the goto place for young hopeful actors/ film makers and toons who dreamt of making a big mark in the early days of the entrainment industry.

However as technologies advanced Nicky inc began to run out of money. Unable to sustain itself it Soon was been pursued by potential buyers. One corporation known as Chimp Co wanted to build a brand new banana factory on the site. the studio refused their proposal which Chimp Co did not take very well. driven by greed They hired the infamous Monkey Mafia family to burn down the studio in a series of planed arsons. This forced Little Nicky to fee, along with many of the towns original inhabitants .
The Monkey Mafia continued to work with Chimp Co running business in Little Nicky. eventually the company moved its banana business else where leaving the family free to run and control the town however they liked. At the same time outside of Little Nicky the major city of Ramsusville was growing and it soon costumed the town in to its massive metropolitan area turning it in to a separate urban neighbourhood.

Nowadays Little Nicky is an eerie dark crime filled hub run by the latest generation of the Monkey Mafia family.

Only a few of the remaining theatres/cinemas shine dim lights on to the streets that once were homed to the future stars of tomorrows world. 


until next post Laters :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Humanization.com update =D 11/11/15

new update update on my Humanization.com comic project. It has a website where all you new comers can learn about the story behind the project  see scans of the art, discover the many easter egg/ references we put in the first comic. and even read the script for issue 2 I mean level 2 we like to call each issue level. grin emotico

I am currently working on the next comic so expect too see more teasers like this one below they are just sketches for now. You can also buy the 99% proof copy of level 1 here.

thumbnail idea for the cover of level 2 

Until next post LATERS :)