Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Jowy shenaggins 18/10/14

Yesterday I decided to have a crack at something more arty for a nice change of pace from all the cartoon and pony work.

Back when I was in college and university I tended to do really quick expressionaist sketches usually capturing the essence of movement . 

i have not drawn anything in that style in a long time due to the simple fact nowadays I like to recreate things as realistic as possible. 

Drumming or playing any kind of musical instrument is something I enjoy sketching on occasions.

I was also inspired by this awesome Drum cover i found on youtube years ago of Linkin Parks Session and Numb Still one of my most watched videos to this day. =D

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Jowy Fan stuff 15/10/14

Good old Mario mixed with a bit of Dragon Ball and Kill La Kill. 

I did this with my pro markers. Makes a nice change from using digital for once.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Jowy shenaggins 13/10/14 New Project continued

Some more WIP screenshots of the new pieces i am creating for this months brief. All the characters in this series are based off a live action show that used to be on BBC back in the 90s and was also published as a comic book that told the same stories but in a fun cartoon style. 

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Jowys time at Ponycon UK 2014

back from UK ponycon2014.

It was a very relaxing and family friendly event. It was not as Brony centered which made a nice change. I did a lot of coloured OC commissions and sold a bit more of my old stock from Buck con  this year which is awesome.

samples of the coloured OC commissions I did

 I also made some new contacts with some of the other artists there. All in All this was a better experience then Buck 2014 and i will be going next year for sure.
                  Heres some photos I snapped during the two days 

Badges were very popular

This is another Brony artist / friend of mine Thomas or as he goes by online Misty Dash.  I meet him at my table at Buck a year ago but got to know him really well at his table this year. He even got awarded the best stall which is really cool considering this was his first time vendoring.

This was one of the best none Friendship is Magic cosplays at Ponycon UK Eille was also a vendor there (I do apologize if I got her name wrong). She is cosplaying Reeka one of the antagonists of the My Little Pony: The Movie from 1986 or as fans refer to it as the Smooze movie. honestly the bad guys are much more memorable and entertaining then the ponies are. Its worth watching just for the villains and their songs. 

I did a pony commission for her as well.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jowy improvements shenaggins 7/10/14

3 hour Speed painting I did based on a really bad Gun Smithcats sketch I did last year where I tried to go for a more realistic look for the two main characters Rally Vincent and Minnie May. even though this is a rough and i am still learning each time I paint I can see so many improvements from last year which encourages me a lot to do more semi real speed paintings. 

Gun Smithcats is an engaging gripping manga and good anime :) you should check it out.  



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Monday, 6 October 2014

Jowy shenaggins 6/10/14 New Project

Today I am starting a new month long project not as ambitious as my  Middle East 2050 series but its going to home in on my digital painting skills some more and its technically fan art as well.

heres some WIP screenshots.  

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