Monday, 31 December 2012



See you all next year with a fresh mind and motivate for this blog all will be explained then.

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 9/11/12

The development of (ambitious comic project)

Today i wanted to concentrate on panel arrangements and use the script my Dad has written for the story so far to get some feeling for action and movement. The last thing i want to have is beautifully detailed backdrops and set pieces and just static stiff characters and poses. This world needs to show richness of life.

i can going to ask my Dad nicely if i can put up the whole draft script so you can understand a bit more about this whole universe and its existence (no idea for characters names as i have now reason for Annabelle).
Roughs make it a whole lot easier to declare who will stay and who will go

Yes her eye is sightly bigger than her other but i am still  working out her final design, and for that matter the whole cast. I have noticed a bit of  Katsuhiro Otomo influence in the way i do people recently especially from the sides and chins. 

Evaluating what i have done today i think the next step is too get started on the splash page and try and  polish up the finish on this page ready for Leeds thought bubble next weekend . 

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 8/11/12

Being a very bust week again so not much development on the comic I am afraid for reasons unexplanatory *cough* Minecraft. (And Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds is next Saturday). But i did get time to try out a little experiment i have been inspired to try after speaking with one of my old university mentors two days ago. 

Essentially i took a small article piece i thought sounded interesting enough to create a crazy illustration that would be semi related to the text just like with my final major project in uni where i took Shakespeare’s quotes and created visuals that juxtaposed a lot of fantasy and reality in them while keeping true to the original material link.

Its kind of obscure because there’s a lot of hidden jokes influences and the subject is not exactly described in the composition or scene. I sad it was just a test  i might start doing this more often to gain more outsider interest and increase my awareness of the current world around me.  

End this post with a little Andrew W.K  Get Ready to Die doodle .that would be the most gruesome fun circus EVER.   

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Friday, 2 November 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 2/11/12 more development on splash pages.

Each individual panel is going to have a lot of references to memes and website stuff to make it seem like an extremely busy universe which the web is. working on the other panels tomorrow and maybe some action, because I like animation for a reason people. 

yeah i would like a Couple of Cold ones and some errors in spelling 

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 30/10/12

Hello again YES I am back with some reasonable development on the project me and my dad want to make in to a successful comic series .sorry for not updating i have been busy with other things and projects.

The plan we have for the next three weeks now is too get a massive splash page inked to show at a comic convention I am going to in Leeds called Thought bubble where there will be a lot of indie comic and industry people. Be a great way to get feed back and guidance.
The story and geeky jokes my dads been writing up the last two weeks really has influenced the way I will visually tell the story.

I hope to get the rough script up for the comic on here if my dad allows me. “Because a magician never relives his secrets. Especially when his not too sure of it himself” (very obscure Disney cartoon quote)

Right So far we have a female framer protagonist, Dragon dressed in cat ears, kidnapped Prince, Alien dressed a bit like  Han Solo thing, two stylized chicks. 
And three bad dictators named after big brands ..........What could possibly go wrong here. 

My art for this project still need work I want this to a milestone that defines my imagination and how broad it is.

I spend way too much time thinking about finer details then the important elements in illustration, but that’s how I roll.

A lot of focus has been put in to the layouts and thumbnails since I have some written material to work off now.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 15/10/12

Continuing development of my newest project my Dad and me have collabed on called see pervious blog post. =D 

Law is the Law even on the internet viruses BEWARE  (spooky ohhhh)

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 14/10/12

It’s being a whole week of peace with out my sister since she moved on to her new life in as a university student in York. I have done at lot of drawing in the last few days and guess what its linked to yet more ideas for comics and things I want to make a reality. It all started after I saw one of my DA mates post up a pony version of twitter he called Chit Chat. I being the brony I am wanted to do my own interpretation of his design because I liked the idea already of ponifying existing things which makes ponies awesome 

But then as I went out for my daily afternoon walk that Tuesday I suddenly thought “wait a minute what if she was human and facebook was her mate that could take the identity of anyone”. “And Safari was a young annoying adventurer that harassed Twitter and Google was the dictator because he was so big and the city was made up of the web and…” that was it I was sold and did rough character designs to what my mind had originally pictured including lots of other sites.

Wow Flickr needs to take a chill pill seriously

i need to do more character turnaround sheets in the future 

Better then been rick rolled

I thought of making it an Ask blog at one point or a cartoon of some sort. I was in a pickle liked what I saw but had no idea where to turn or do with them I decided to show my dad the concepts and sketches I had put together so far and he said “a comic where we collab on writing and Art”.  

I prefer to have a female heroine for the story then male to challenge myself since i enjoy drawing cute girls 

Busy Busy is the nature of the interwebs folks

In the last three days I have been coming up with new character designs and background ideas while he has been formulating a plot reason and for the internet existing as a physical thing his explained in detail to me what he envisions but it’s a little too complicated to explain and I do not want to be here writing this post  for hours. Lets just say a lot of his geeky sifi knowledge will be implemented in to the comic.

Just today my Dad gave me the idea of Norton and MacAfee being the Law police of the web but their sort of like buddy cops drawn in a 1920s style   

This project seems very ambitious especially with my obsession for small details which could slow us down but i feel passionate about doing this and look forward to exploring the internet though doing this already gathering up website names and videos to use in the BGs    

Keep you updated on the process regularly  

until next Post LATERs ;) 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 4/10/12

Well here we be again folks updating time and quite a bit of stuff has happened since last post but for once I think I will save myself a soapbox for next time. Just know I have been using my time for productive things, despite the use of a faulty certain Wacom tablet.

 This weekend my sister is moving to York University and is leaving behind my family and home city Birmingham for three years. Obviously she will still come and visit us for Christmas and all that jazz but I felt I owed it to her to make her a special illustration before she leaves Saturday although I have to help her move as well.

Since i had no access to digital media i broke out my tonal pro markers for this i used my new skin tone set which I had not used yet. So today seemed like an appropriate time to try the suckers out.


Come on grab your friends =D 

I Added some subtle landmarks that are personal to her so she may
Remember our fair city better though i doubt she would forget anytime soon ^^;


I like the overall illustration feel it captures her enthusiastic attitude and elements that are a part of her unique identity and that simile ^^.

anyhow until next post with more words Laters ;)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 16/9/12

I feel bad not updating regularly as I promise in almost all these blog posts. never make big promises you know you can not really commit too you will fall flat on your words or some jazz like that.

Anyway there’s not been much happening in terms of my own work that I felt I wanted to submit on the blog (recently its been mostly fan art request related to pass the time). My original art has started to build up interest from professionals and people outside the comfort zone of internet land. Which includes pay but I can not talk about that right now but it is very exciting.

Some close friends I am helping out, have shown some interest in my Jowy character and his developing world for sometime. Essentially they want to help me write up some material for him. because if by myself trying to justify the crazy universe of Jowy to you would be like trying to explain the sagas of Dragon ball Z in detail (I listened to an audio podcast on it it did not make it any easier for me to understand sadly). 

 These are the doodles and drawings I have done so far for Jowy. I hope to keep the momentum going with the jowyverse. I need to create some sort of character bible for these characters so I can better understand my long term goals for these ambitious ideas of mine. 

Never ever going to get old or let Down =D
    The city of RAMASVILLE where strolling down a alley is an adventure in itself
  Three worlds one universe this is going to be fun and enjoyable 

          man could i go for some Ranma 1/2 now 
Next best thing next to space ;) ;)

The others 

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Jowy doodle Archives 2011-12

 Share and Share alike  as they say ; ) 

Jowy Shenanigans 29/8/12

Again with the late updates. There’s been quite a bit happening to me in the last few weeks meet a lot of new people over Skype who are collaborating on a film but i want to keep it under warps for now since it is a fan project but still worth it I am lead art director on the project now so that’s a thing.

I always feel tried after writing out long descriptions or paragraphs about recent shenanigans. so i cheated for this post and copy pasted the YouTube description because it sums up this video perfectly

Coming out with new material is hard sometimes when posting 

Brief history about this particular video. Visuals by Sound is a series I have done on and off in the last three years (I did a lot more videos in 2011) .The general goal of these videos was too show my creative process of thinking and drawing when I have music playing and what wonderful and surreal worlds materialize form these said songs.

I always have loved a good old cartoon title card intro like Mucha Lucha or Ren and Stimpy, not forgetting ending credit sequences with art and characters in the background. Put these elements together with my screenflow recording of my latest illustration in development and you got yourself an interesting experiment of two different things.That's what I think personally at least.

Unfortunately I only got two separate recordings form this illustration so the final outcome is a little more polished then the footage I have archived.

I want to eventually finish this illustration off in my spare time which i have a lot of.

anyhow Until next post LATERS ;)

Keep updated with my work and art in the links below

all audio is used under fair use and copyrighted to their respectable owners

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 6/8/12

Hiatus from blog posts for a week or so because of certain unexpected things that I will not rant or bombard you with as of right now maybe later. Lets just say there are a lot of jobs and opportunities coming my way just not green lighted yet because of (quotation) complications. Beside this mishap I have started helping out on a fan film that I may get paid for later on if all goes according to plan with the director and his pitch. Anyhow it’s a special someone’s birthday tomorrow, my Dads. So why not share that love with the card I made him this morning 


My dads sort of an old rocker implementing
 those elements in to the design

did i mention he likes computer mouses as well

Been the critic I try and be with my art I notice that the angle on the whole rolling on a boulder is a little off and not as defined by the creases in the clothes which are lacking. I guess the composition could have been altered and explored a bit more as well. But as they say about some presents it’s the thought that counts. And there is thought in to this image despite its rough media. 

The Party God of Pizza guitars has SPOKEN!

Until next (hopefully new) post LATERS  ; )