Friday, 2 November 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 2/11/12 more development on splash pages.

Each individual panel is going to have a lot of references to memes and website stuff to make it seem like an extremely busy universe which the web is. working on the other panels tomorrow and maybe some action, because I like animation for a reason people. 

yeah i would like a Couple of Cold ones and some errors in spelling 

until next post LATERS and peace ; )

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 30/10/12

Hello again YES I am back with some reasonable development on the project me and my dad want to make in to a successful comic series .sorry for not updating i have been busy with other things and projects.

The plan we have for the next three weeks now is too get a massive splash page inked to show at a comic convention I am going to in Leeds called Thought bubble where there will be a lot of indie comic and industry people. Be a great way to get feed back and guidance.
The story and geeky jokes my dads been writing up the last two weeks really has influenced the way I will visually tell the story.

I hope to get the rough script up for the comic on here if my dad allows me. “Because a magician never relives his secrets. Especially when his not too sure of it himself” (very obscure Disney cartoon quote)

Right So far we have a female framer protagonist, Dragon dressed in cat ears, kidnapped Prince, Alien dressed a bit like  Han Solo thing, two stylized chicks. 
And three bad dictators named after big brands ..........What could possibly go wrong here. 

My art for this project still need work I want this to a milestone that defines my imagination and how broad it is.

I spend way too much time thinking about finer details then the important elements in illustration, but that’s how I roll.

A lot of focus has been put in to the layouts and thumbnails since I have some written material to work off now.

Until next blog post LATERS  ; )