Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 26/1/13 comic promo piece (finished)

i hate to make rants like this in posts but it feels right just to vent in this one for a change.

I promised my self I would get the first promo illustration done for Friday and I did. But late that night one of my new shelf’s. I put up about two months ago decided to buckle and almost crush me lucky I was on Skype so I herd it and cached it before it could do any serious harm. Long story short my room was an utter mess , spent all of today tidying up ....well morning .Afternoon was messing on Minecraft creative mode  because I was a little too stressed to do any work or upload . I have calmed down since and feel sane enough to give a decent preview of the standard of finished work you can expect from this series.

Font will be changed later on but i looks web related

i used the same technique i use at the moment when colouring in my digital images overlaying the values with a colour layer using different layer modes.

 Its not exactly what I wanted and can be improved in the future but I think it’s a decent image to spread the word about this project. Now i have the script up you can understand the plot a little better.

hopefully i should have more awesome development for it next week stay tuned until next post folks. 


Wednesday, 23 January 2013 comic sample script 23/1/13

cast of the comic in terms of design as of now.

After a long wait since starting
This epic project i finally was able to upload what story my dad had written to introduce us to this universe i hope you enjoy what we have put together for the narrative as of now we are continually developing the sagas of the story. 

Update on the character names the dragon pet is called mutt because his wearing a cat costume yet CADRA (the framer girl) thinks his a dog just for humor purposes

The Prince if I remember correctly we named RDAC its CADRA spelt backwards uh I think  

I totally would be happy with CADRA and RDAC being the offical main characters names

Until next post LATERS ;)

Jowy Shenanigans 23/1/13

Updates on comic project

Hello again lovely people I have some big updates on the characters for =D

Our main framer gal has a name now. It connects to the story we have scripted CADA (control alt Delete…. foreshadowing see). Her dragon pet needs a quirky name. As well as the other cast that need some finalising in their designs.

CADA CADA I cannot stop smiling at that name it feels perfect for her character even if there is none as of now.

Apart from the protagonist name decision. I scraped the promo image I was doing for my DA   and restarted it from scratch today showing you the process on how I am using my recent interest in values as a key to understand contrasts in my illustrations better. Its really becoming an effective way of maturing my digital painting skills.      

i changed the pose to show the hard working nature of  the girl  almost as if shes stoping for a break 

tip always use hard brushes first when doing values it makes setting tones on the other layers much easier  later on

When ever i digital paint my design tends to alter slowly because i keep switching between hard and soft brushes its a good practise but this makes the process as little tiring because your working on area sometimes for 20 10 minutes 

this is nowhere near finished or polished as i desire it. her face needs more work so dose that hand pose
I will resume it sometime tomorrow  folks 

 i have got the script of the comic prolog from my writer (Dad) so i may scan it and upload it tonight 

if not LATERS until next post  ; )

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 22/1/13

Lots to think about in one day like the latest episode of Lost Kingdoms of South America

Looked at my values in digital painting using my jowy characters as the test subjects.

I want viewers to see a vibrant working world with a lot of expression and detail when they see my illustrations even if their roughs.

Concentrated on the woods trust cartoons to start this cold snow filled week off.

The pictures are still going to feature my beanie characters because of the reasons I explained in my pervious post. But I am sneakily using the natural environment they are in as a deceive to draw and colour in more detail making it less generic and closer to the actual locations being visually shown in the background

Amazing how even your cartoon pieces can pop with a little help from hard and soft brushes at different opacities

Seeing how the UK has been hit by a lot of snow I think its only right to design a winter themed piece. There were a lot of broken snowboards left t the edge of the woods let me tell you.

i added the figures in the back to make the 
Composition less lonely and empty the woods does have more then two visitors at the same time.. comic project will have an update on its promo and development soon so stay tuned.

Until next update Laters  ;)