Tuesday, 4 June 2013

hello i feel i need to change the oil in my rig

not being much of Jowy stuff in last three weeks so i redesigned him a little in the hair department 

Hello all its been a long time since I last updated this blooming blog my internship at this animation studio Second Home has been a wonderful and productive experience that I will not forget. Because of how much I have done for the director its still continuing this week and maybe the following week.

Now to be honest I had plenty of free time to do an update during the last four weeks. I just started to fell recently that I was treating my blog as a chore not actual work or enjoyment, I get  paranoid about how much information I should charm in to one update .That’s the reason why half my posts end up being longer because I want to get everything out in one post but obviously that can not work every time as you do not have the energy to type everything that comes in to your mind . I believe that maybe shorting the posts to specific projects from now on will get me less stressed and less confusing for viewers.

Right now theres only a couple of projects that are still ongoing that I can talk about  everything else is either client commissions or just not  ready to show yet.

i will get back on track with my blog and make it something worthwhile rather then homework.

All fan work and other jazz outside my blog can be found updated on my DA account 
i am posting a lot more updates about my graphic novel project Humanise.com on there.

see you LATERS  ; )