Saturday, 19 October 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 19/10/13 big update

As my dad would sarcastically say “Hello you o,rrible lot” and welcome to another update on the world of Jowybean let me bring you up to speed with what’s happening in my busy consistent creative life.

Number one the job at the graphic Design sinage company UK Print and Media is going extremely well. So far no complaints at all, my boss Akeel (who I have become real good friends) with has been very firm with the tasks that need doing with in the week and i have found myself surprisingly enjoying the programs Indesign and Illustrator. Really makes you think about the level of professional quality in your work and art. Graphics is not something I have touched or paid attention too since college which was four years ago so it’s a nice breath of fresh air to be doing it again with a better mindset.

Next month there’s going to be a local 2-day handmade craft fair in my town called Crafty Muthas. Now the name obviously implies that its targeted at one particular audience (as there’s a lot of craft fairs in England that are similar to this). I emailed them a brief description about me and my products I was going to sell, my DA gallery links and talked about the whole MLP brony thing. Two days later they emailed back saying they had a space free on one of the two days for me which is cool I would personally like too do both days but the fair is very popular with creative mothers that its only right that it should be broken down in to two days to give all vendors a chance.

I am going to be bringing most of my work I brought to the showcase event I attended two months ago to Crafty Muthas. But since it’s near to Christmas I am going to be creating some new Xmas cards both pony and non-pony to sell there started work on two last week.

Third no shocker too some of you, still doing pony art and commissions its very additive fun. I am slowly getting a good income from this not as much as my real job of course but still all this money will go towards my planed trip to the US pony cons next year or Comic Con depends how productive I am in the next few months. Considering I have hardly touched any of GTA 5 in the last 4 weeks proves that laziness and boredom are becoming less coherent as they used to be.

I started livesteraming recently and I plan to do more in the coming weeks. My first experience was very positive, did not shut up for a whole three hours I love to talk sometimes folks if you know this blog you understand what I mean.

Because of all these shenanigans I have postponed the development on my Jowy web comic and, which I am a little disappointed to stop But I have to concentrate on the markets I am currently involved in to break into something then nothing. Please still support and check out the projects on my DA account we will return to them soon enough it’s not dead.
Plus I am making the effort with illustration Friday again so you can always see my crazy zany illustration style there.
I apologize if this comes off as egotistical and pride fall but I personally believe that I should get paid for my art from now on what ever type it is that’s why I do not accept any requests that much on DA its just very time consuming and I have to make a living off my talents at some point friends.

Wow this post has taken me literacy over half an hour to write I will bid you a fare well  and good day and let you enjoy a small galley of my recent art from last few weeks

 first week I helped Akeel design a welcome home banner for his cousins son who with his wife just had an adorable baby girl and were coming home from the hospital. One thing lead to another after I meet Akeels cousin and I ended up being commissioned to do a caricature of them both together with their baby from one photo. =D 

Stupidly I forgot their names but they loved it I herd so that’s the important thing.

Trevor inspired LOL

Girls are fun to draw XD 

style inspired a bit by the amazing Becky Dreistadt

                  Getting back i the groove of studying 
             life from newspapers and my work commute  

LATERS and Peace ; )

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Illustration Friday submission: Drink please Kathy


amongst the chaos of starting my new job and commissions (which will be talked about in a big update this coming weekend).  I have Missed a few of the illustration Friday challenges  but i managed to get another one done this week and it’s a cartoony speed painting. 

If it’s not obvious this weeks Theme was : Moustache! lol

until this weekends blog post LATERS 

Jowybean ;)