Thursday, 28 August 2014


Don"t do drugs kids but make amazing stop motion animation =D  

Jowy shenanigans 28/8/14

Hello everyone

I am offering to do personalised cartoons for Family/ Friends or birthdays. (see examples below)

Black & white,colour,traditional or digital it is £50.
You are guaranteed to get a unique illustration that represents you or your loved ones. 

If your interested contact me by email at

make sure to give me a good description and lots of high quality photos in your message so I can get as close to the likeness of the person as possible.

Thank you

until next Post Laters :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

South Africa from Above Amazing Vistas :) 27/8/14

Our world is such a diverse sphere of beauty and imagination and it Youtube videos and channels such as these that reveal that satisfaction of discoverly. And gets rid of my perception of a country or place. I had no idea how varied  South Africa's coasts were it fills me with so much visual inspiration and gives me something i can throw in to random conversations to show I know a thing or two more about the world we live in.

Stereotypes are stupid never believe they exist.   

After Buck 2014 27/8/14

Hey everybody i have just recovered from the chaos filled weekend that was the UK Brony convention BUCK 2014.

I did rather well with my vendor table this year not as successful as last year . But I got to meet a lot of awesome fans, get a handful of commission to keep me busy for a while. And meet some of the quote "horse" famous people in the fandom.

One of the biggest highlights for me was getting to know the other vendors there on a personal level and exchange contacts with them. Mel from Geek Stitch who i was next too was super helpful at telling me about other conventions I could try selling my fan and original work to.

The times i did no vendoring I made silly signs to put on my table while I was away somebody wanted to buy this sketch XD. 

I had a lot of interest but no one really could afford it. :(

On the sunday I offered to do coloured pony OC commissions for £10. 
Here are some of the examples I had out on my table based on friends characters and the VIPs at BUCK. 

Living Tombstone : well known musician

G. M. Berrow : Writer of the Friendship Is Magic Chapter Books 

To conclude BUCK 2014 was a lot of fun. But i want to try some other conventions for next year as suggested by Geek Stitch. 

  Until next post LATERS :)


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

commissions 26/8/14

Commission I did a while back for The-L-Train Gitaroo Man song The Library Jam

The guitar Princess Twilight is holding is based on the main characters bass from the PS2 game. Also the soundtrack to Gitaroo Man is fantastic i suggest you all check it out (I thank L for introducing me to it.:)